Kinds of tea

Natural leaf tea served to visitors and
that taken by family members
after meals brings about relaxation and
makes people united at heart.

Natural leaf tea is mainly being manufactured by our company, followed by roasted tea and brown rice tea. In addition to the natural leaf tea, among the representative teas in the world are black tea and oolong tea produced through different manufacturing methods but all of these different kinds of teas are being produced mainly in Asian countries.

Tea leaves were picked originally from the same tea plants and can be roughly classified into the three, "fermented tea", "half fermented tea” and "unfermented tea", depending on respective manufacturing methods. Natural leaf tea has four different kinds, "natural leaf tea", "broken tea", "stalk tea" and "refined green tea".

Kinds of natural leaf tea
Furthermore the natural leaf tea has three kinds, "deeply steamed tea" and "lightly steamed tea", with the deeply steamed occupying large percentage of the natural leaf tea on the current market. In 1955 our company had switched to the deeply steamed tea and has been producing the same since then. Time required to steam the tea leaves is long and therefore, it is important to secure environment of the tea plantation where tea leaves that could stand a strong steam can be cultivated and to acquire highly advanced steaming technology. Characteristics of the deeply steamed tea are the water color of deep green that comes up when the tea is served and its taste of depth.

Brown rice tea Roasted tea
Encounter between good taste
and fragrant smell
It is a tea that emits a unique aroma with natural leaf tea blended with glutinous rice and unpolished rice. It is a masterpiece of a taste that generates a quiet and calm atmosphere.
Stomach-friendly taste
It is a tea that is made to emit a unique aroma with natural leaf tea roasted over high heat. It is a tea easy to drink containing less tannin and caffeine.
Broken tea Stalked tea
The tea served by sushi shop
It is the broken tea generated in the process of manufacturing a natural leaf tea. It is deep in color and its taste is mild.
Flavor that a connoisseur
of tea has a liking for
It is the stalk of the sprout sorted out in the process of manufacturing tea. Plain, simple and fresh aroma is its characteristic.


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