Our tea plantation

Our tea plantation is being rigidly controlled
in an unexcelled environment
to have you use our green tea with your peace of mind.

Mt. Awagatake situated in the north of our green tea plantation is symbolic of its nearby mountains, and on the top of it is enshrined “Ei-sai” who taught the tea cultivation to the people living in this region. With the difference in temperature between day and night in this region being remarkable, the peculiar configuration of the mountains that is apt to generate fogs typical of the mountainous region raises green tea plants soft in leaf quality.

Situated in the western region of Shizuoka prefecture, our company possesses green tee plantation in the Nissakahigashiyama region having soil most suitable for cultivating green tea in the eastern part of Kakegawa city boasting of No. 1 green tea yield in Japan. In the Edo era the cultivation land was granted to us by Kazutoyo Yamanouchi who was a vassal of the Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the lord of the Kakegawa castle and it has been succeeded to up to now. Established by our first president, Shinpei Otsuka in the latter period of the Edo era, our company has a history of over 140 years, operated under the style of " Maruchu" since its second president was inaugurated.
Amalgamated with Osuka-cho, Daito-cho of the Ogasawara county in April 2005, Kakegawa city of Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with an abundant natural environment surrounded by the Haranoya River and Sakasa River, tributary rivers, of the Oi and Ota Rivers. Above all, in the water area of the Oi River are scattered places noted for its cultivation of high-quality green tea.

Our green tea plantations and those contracted by our company are located in the Higashiyama district of Kakegawa city blessed with the soil and environment unexcelled for cultivating green tea combined with Mt. Ogasa blocking fogs rising from the Oi River in the East and sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean.

Spreading out from the foot of Mt. Awagatake, our contract green tea plantations are favored by the fertile soil and the genial climate and securely controlled by the mainly organic fartilizer. In the fine weather with a balmy breeze, the motor of tea picking machine resounds through mountains from early in the morning.

↑Attaching importance also to organic fertilizers, we are producing green tea through manufacturing method of our own.
↑Oxygen is administered to the roots of tea plants through deep tillages in order to make them firmly fastened deep into soils.

Through tie-up with an elementary school in the city, we had its school children learn how to cultivate green tea as a part of culture of sentiments. Also we are endeavoring to achieve better communication in the community.


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